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Water Purification

Go beyond green!

  • A revolutionary new technology has emerged, offering access to water that is safer than rainwater or even bottled water.
  • AirQua products are best described as atmospheric water makers. It creates water from air around us.
  • AirQua atmospheric water makers replicates Earth’s natural evaporation and condensation cycle to provide clean drinking water.
  • AirQua atmospheric water makers use a revolutionary new technology that extracts, filters, treats and purifies water. All from the air around us, creating the cleanest, clearest and purest water prior to being dispensed. AirQua atmospheric water makers are made to the highest globally accepted manufacturing standards and surpass World Health Organization drinking water quality standards. No water on Earth is fresher, purer or more pristine than aqua atmospheric water.
  • Just think, no heavy bottles to lug around. No more storing 5 gallon water containers. Best of all, you have continual access to the purest water on Earth, dispensed from a water cooler size device in your own home or office.
  • Aqua air system works by converting the humidity in the air to water.
  • Atmospheric drinking water systems go way beyond green by not only eliminating the environmental impact of bottled water systems but by providing you with safer, fresher and better tasting drinking water.

Environment: Being Green!

  • The environmental buzz word today is GREEN. But what does it really mean to the average person when they talk about becoming GREEN?
  • For most it means being socially responsible and not polluting the planet, recycling when possible, and trying not to waste our natural resources. So we try to use less plastic bags, turn our thermostats up or down to conserve energy, buy more efficient appliances and automobiles, and recycle whenever it is convenient. But how often do we consider the GREEN part of our lives has to do with the most critical element man requires to sustain life? That element is water, and if we don’t become GREEN with our use of water, all the other GREEN issues become unimportant. Because without clean, safe water, we can not exist.
  • So what are you doing about the “greening” of our water supply? Do you let the water run too long in the shower? Do you turn the faucet off when brushing your teeth? Do you use and discard countless plastic water bottles a every day? Here are some facts to make you aware of water issues our environment faces, which hopefully will encourage you to make a difference and help conserve and preserve our most precious natural resource.

National Tap Water Quality Database:

At the recent 08′ World Economic Forum in January, the UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, warned that water and food shortages would be the crises of 2008. We should expect conflicts over water shortages which can easily be triggered by climate change, population growth and poor water management in the coming years.

  • We create pollution from trucking 1 billion bottles of water weekly to supermarkets and retailers across the US. Less than 20% of those plastic bottles are ever recycled.
  • Over 30 billion plastic water bottles which require 17 million barrels of oil to produce are discarded into landfills and will remain there for over 100 years.
  • Americans waste over 30 gallons of water per day and use between 100 – 175 gallons per day at home.
  • It is becoming more and more common to hear about water shortages affecting residents in the US such as in California, Georgia, Maryland and countless other states.
  • American agriculture uses around 1430 gallons of water daily per capita, of which a substantial amount is wasted.
  • Aquifers in many parts of the country are being threatened by over pumping, or the removal of too much freshwater, which allows saltwater to move into areas where freshwater used to be.
  • All bodies or water and aquifers are increasingly vulnerable to sources of pollutants-such as lawn fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals, and by animal wastes- that run off of our backyards or other developed areas and seep into the ground and into our water system.
We need to find ways to conserve water, keep our water clean and safe, and to use alternative methods to provide clean and safe water for everyone. Atmospheric Water Generators can and will make a big difference in the coming years, but are available today from Air Water World USA to help save lives and protect our environment for future generations to come.


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