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Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation Services Anywhere There Are Moisture Issues

Mold growth comes in many types and grows in different conditions.  Mold is sometimes easily visible and other times mysteriously hidden.  Sometimes you can smell a musty, unpleasant odor and other times you won’t smell anything at all.

We’ve been in the mold remediation industry for over 20 years.  And have witnessed how even small amounts of mold can affect people’s health & safety.  Mold remediation needs to done right or else the home can become contaminated and the family exposed.  Our remediation techniques have evolved throughout the years as technology has improved.  We are experts Mold Remediation Services and in eliminating these pollutants from your home with the most non-toxic treatments.

What Will Mold Remediation Services Include?

Keep your home safe and healthy with Mold Remediation Services. Our team of certified professionals can quickly identify, assess, and remove mold from your home, so you can be free of the health risks associated with it. We provide a comprehensive suite of services, from inspection to removal and even complete restoration. With our help, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family is safe at home.

Get rid of mold the right way with Mold Remediation Services from Indoor Environmental Systems. Our experienced team of professionals will inspect your home for mold, determine the source, and provide you with a customized remediation plan to ensure your home is safe and healthy again.

Where Can I Get Alamance County NC Mold Removal And Mold Remediation Services?

Tired of dealing with mold in your home or office? Look no further than the services of Indoor Environmental Systems. With our state-of-the-art techniques we can quickly and safely remove mold while preventing future growth. Our experienced technicians are certified and have experience in mold removal and remediation. Get Alamance County NC Mold Removal and Mold Remediation Services with us!

Are you dealing with mold problems? Don’t worry, our Mold Remediation Services are here to help! We specialize in safe and effective removal at your home or business premises quickly.

Where Can I Find Mold Remediation Services That Will Help Remove Mold From My Home?

Have you noticed a musty smell or visible mold in your home? It’s time to take back control and get rid of mold with Indoor Environmental Systems. Our experts are trained to quickly and safely assess, remedy, and eliminate any mold problem so you can enjoy your home free of these dangerous microorganisms. Don’t wait, book an appointment now and get Mold Remediation Services!

Do you have mold? Let us help! Our Mold Remediation Services can help. With our advanced technology, certified technicians, and proven techniques, we’re the go-to for mold removal from any property.

Does Alamance County NC Mold Removal Include Removing Mold From All Areas In My Home?

Concerned about mold in your home or business? Get rid of it quickly and easily with the professional services of Alamance County NC Mold Removal. Our experienced and certified technicians are trained to identify and remove mold from all areas of your home, including bathrooms, basements, attics, crawl spaces, windows, and more. Stop worrying about the health effects of mold and let our experts take care of it today!

Is mold creeping into your home? Stop the spread of mold and protect your family’s health with comprehensive Alamance County NC Mold Removal services offered by Indoor Environmental Systems! Our experienced technicians will remove mold from all areas of your home, ensuring that your property is safe and healthy again.

Can I Schedule Services To Have Mold Remediation Services In My Home?

Are you sick of mold ruining your home and your health? Get Mold Remediation Services! Call and schedule and our experienced team will provide you with a safe, effective and thorough removal process. It’s time to get rid of that pesky mold in your home! Indoor Environmental Systems can help you remove mold quickly and effectively.

Our experienced technicians are available to assist you with any remediation needs, ensuring your safety and comfort at all times. Don’t wait, schedule Mold Remediation Services today for a healthier, cleaner home! Contact us today for effective mold removal.

Should I Use Indoor Environmental Systems For Alamance County NC Mold Removal?

Dealing with mold in your home in Alamance County, North Carolina? Return to a safe and clean living environment with the professional services of Alamance County NC Mold Removal offered by Indoor Environmental Systems. Our experienced team of professionals use technologies and treatments to ensure that all traces of mold have been removed from your home. Get your home back with our solutions and live a healthier life!

Don’t let mold take over your home. Get fast and effective mold removal with Indoor Environmental Systems. Our trained and certified professionals use state-of-the-art equipment to identify and remove any mold in your home. Get rid of the problem quickly and safely with our services.

Mold Remediation Services Remediation Services:

  • Provide remediation for commercial and residential buildings.
  • We offer CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) testing and remediation services. We offer both HERTSMI-2 and ERMI testing – please call our office for more information.
  • We offer mold testing:  Tape Lift Sample and/or Air Samples.
  • Repair fire, water, flood, mildew and mold damaged buildings.
  • We can remove water or mold damaged building material, dry as needed, apply non-toxic anti-microbial treatments and repair with similar or improved building material.
  • Certified inspectors and remeditators for air duct cleaning sealed crawlspaces and attics.
  • We work with insurance adjusters, building inspectors, attorneys and arbitrators as needed.
  • Provide written warranties on all services and products and pictorial mold reports.
  • Lifetime warranty for no mold!
Water Damage Demolition, Non-Toxic Coatings, Air Duct Mold Removal/Replacement

Mold Removal:  Remove visual or colonized mold.

  • Containment – Containing the work areas as to not contaminate other areas with toxic mold and mildew pollutants, dust, debris and/or odors.
  • Demolition – In most cases fire, water and mold affected building material will be removed.
  • Drying – Drying of water affected building material as needed.
  • Preparation – Mold affected surfaces are cleaned prior to re-surfacing with non-toxic, anti-microbial treatment called CleanSeal.  CleanSeal comes with a lifetime warranty.  We are the exclusive dealer for CleanSeal.
  • Resurfacing – Resurfacing with CleanSeal treatment will protect most coated surfaces for the life of the building material.
  • Construction Repair – We replace drywall, wood, tile, linoleum floors, air seal the thermal envelope and insulate.

Studies are showing how mold exposure is linked to many symptoms such as memory loss, brain fog, insomnia, depression, even death by fungal infection (Aspergillosis).

Mold Assessment

We find moisture issues then provide solutions and detailed mold reports.

We specialize in mold remediation for your crawl space, air ducts, attic and home at large.  Mold growth is commonly found in moist, damp areas.   Our inspectors are specialized in spotting mold and also recommendations of how to treat that mold so it does NOT return.

  • When the inspector arrives at your home or office, he/she will first focus on the problem area you indicated and your reason for contacting us.  We typically inspect your crawl space, attic, and air ducts for moisture, mold, insects, and penetration for energy loss.
  • Existing Homes & Offices:  A common source of water in the home or office is poor rain water management.  If the grade outside is not directing water away from the building, that water can collect and eventually  allow mildew or toxic mold to grow.
  • New Homes:  A common problem in new homes is water intrusion during the construction phase. Many people believe that if their home is new it will not have mold issues. However, most homes are flooded with rain during construction numerous times before the roof is on.  After just 3 days of building material being wet, toxic mold can grow – all this can happen in the crawl space and subfloor before the home is even occupied.
  • New Construction:  All buildings should be inspected and be “spot” mold remediated as needed prior to installing insulation and drywall.  Our non-toxic cleaner and anti-mold coating can also be applied to the framing for lifetime protection.
  • Crawl space:  We inspect for moisture, mold, insects, wood damage, and air leaks into the air ducts as well as the living area.  Air from the crawl space is where most homes get their “fresh air” from so it’s of great important to make it tight, clean, dry and mold free!
  • Air Ducts: We inspect the air ducts located in your crawl space [and/or attic] for leaks and contamination.  In open vented crawl spaces, mold is often found on the duct liner.  We perform a proper remediation while containing the work area ensuring that mold pollutants, dust, debris and/or odors do not enter your home.  We then offer and recommend signing up for our annual maintenance service.
  • Attics:  We check for proper ventilation, moisture caused from penetrations and condensation due to temperature variation, and toxic mold.   Common areas for mold in the attic are:  Air duct liners, roof deck, air handler and the condensation line.
  • Water damage:  After 3 days of water damage, mold will start to grow.  We first inspect your current drainage and rain water management methods.   We’ll then discuss proper methods to rid your home of excess water.  Next, we’ll perform proper drying and/or demolition techniques and apply mold treatments as needed.


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