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Ventilation Systems

Bring Purified, Fresh Air Into Your Home

A healthy home has good air quality. Good air quality is created by filtration and ventilation. As you make your home tighter it becomes vital that you constantly bring in a small amount of filtered outside air. We offer numerous ways to ventilate. Our patent pending Filtered Fresh Air Ventilation System and the Clothes Dryer Intake are typically the most important.

Whole House Ventilation System:

The Filtered Fresh Air Ventilation System (FFAVS) is an easy and low maintenance way to bring filtered fresh and conditioned air into your home. It hooks up to your existing central air and brings in air when your system is heating or cooling your home. It comes with a 1 yr supply of carbon filters. The EcoSmart Carbon Filter removes smog, radon, lawn chemicals, and pollen and mold spores. You simply change the carbon each season.

Crawl Space Ventilation:

The crawl space supply vent works with the FFAVS to keep your crawl space dry and fresh. Air from your crawl space enters your home though the air ducts, plumbing and electrical holes. We can offer you a dehumidifier for the crawl space, however, the crawl space supply vent is typically preferred due to the lower cost and no maintenance.

Whole House HEPA Air Filtration:

Convert Your Central HVAC System into a Hospital-Grade HEPA Filtration System for Your Entire Home or Office

Abatement Technologies® CAP 600 Series and CAP1200 Series Central Air Purifiers, with True HEPA filters, are so efficient they can remove at least 99.97% of these microscopic airborne particles (@ 0.3 microns in size), including those that can trigger asthma and other allergic reactions. All CAP600 Series and CAP1200 Whole-House or Office HEPA Air Cleaners feature multiple filtration stages to remove particles, plus an activated carbon filter to remove odors and some VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Top of the line models are also equipped with germicidal UV (UVGI) or UV “Plus” lamp technology to irradiate and help control bacteria and mold spores present in the air stream or trapped on the HEPA filter.

The CAP1200UVP model combines the high-performance, four stage air filtration and germicidal UV disinfection of the CAP1200UV unit with the added odor removal capabilities of photolysis oxidation. This model is designed primarily for homes or offices with odor problems caused by pets, cooking, smoking, VOC off-gases, etc. It generates a controlled amount of ozone gas designed to neutralize odor producing compounds. The ozone gas breaks down and then dissipates quickly inside the HVAC ductwork.

Clothes Dryer Intake:

The Clothes Dryer Intake is a through‐the‐wall ventilator designed to provide “make‐up” air for the clothes dryer or other rooms which need a source of fresh air. When a typical clothes dryer is running for 45 minutes it’s typically removing 7,000 cubic feet of conditioned air from your home.

Whole House Ventilation Fan:

Our whole house fans are placed in the ceiling and vent to the attic. They pull the hot air out of your living area while pulling cooler fresh air into your home.

Our customers typically save $300 to $1,500 per cooling season. Your savings in two cooling seasons or less should pay for your purchase. Feel the cool evening air move gently into the home. Economical, easy to install, remote controlled and made in Cape Cod. The Fan cuts air conditioning expenses up to 80%, and reduces your carbon footprint.

The window filter fits most windows and is designed to work with the Whole House Ventilator. It filters the incoming air of pollen and dust.


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