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Closed Crawl Spaces

Clean, Cool and Energy Efficient!

Our Closed Crawl Spaces are the most energy efficient, durable, and low maintenance crawl spaces on the market! We use radiant barrier linersnon-toxic mold coatings and a patent pending fresh air ventilation systems which eliminates the need for a dehumidifier.

Most homes get their “fresh air” from the crawl space.  Unfortunately, open vented crawl spaces tend to have serious mold, radon, bacteria, and insect issues. Because of the related health risks, these contaminants should not be allowed to enter your home! Our radiant barrier closed crawl spaces are air, water & bug tight. They are clean, dry and mold free. When we finish with your crawl space it will have better air quality than your home AND be significantly more energy efficient which makes your home healthier and more comfortable.

Our closed crawl spaces are custom designed to meet your needs.

Each design increases your energy efficiency and improves your indoor air quality.  We also guarantee no condensation on ductwork.  Our lifetime warranty for mold is the best in the industry!  Here are some perks to our crawl space options:

  • EcoSmart Radiant Barrier Liner System outperforms the usual poly liners because it insulates as well as stops moisture, mold, insect, and radon!  Don’t let the ground and walls soak up your heat -our amazing insulator uses conductive and reflective properties, which direct lost energy from the air ducts, sub floor and plumbing back into your home!
  • Termite view port: Our unique wall insulation system allows for full wall exposure for termite inspections and not just the standard 3” view port requirement.  Don’t go for the typical wall insulation or plastic only to find out when you try to sell your home that you can’t inspect the entire wall without damaging the insulation.  Do it once and do it right!
  • Bug Tight: Our crawl spaces are light and bug tight. We have done enough closed crawl spaces to know the secrets of how to keep the creepy crawlies out for good!
  • CleanSeal is our exclusive nontoxic mold treatment coating.  CleanSeal comes with a manufactures lifetime warranty.  We’ve now been using it for 5 years without a single complaint!
  • Dehumidifiers are not needed with our energy efficient closed crawl space. Dehumidifiers are added expenses that are typically used in a poorly designed closed crawl space.
  • Tight Building Syndrome (TBS) can be a real problem that is made worse with a closed crawl space. Our patent pending Filtered Fresh Air Ventilation System provides the necessary [filtered fresh] air for your crawl space and living area to prevent TBS and SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) – all for ½ the cost of a dehumidifier!

What’s wrong with an open vented crawl space? Moisture, mold, insects, energy loss, & radon

Open vented crawlspaces tend to be cool, dark, and damp, which is perfect for many types of mold, rotting wood, insects and rodents.

  • Originally, open vented crawlspaces were intended to dilute radon and dry up water. However, in climates that have wet soils and high relative humidity, the open vented crawl spaces instead create an unhealthy area.
  • Condensation occurs on most ductwork and floor joists in open vented crawl spaces.  Water entering through the foundation wall and pooling on the ground from hydrostatic water pressure can contribute to this issue.
  • When Fiberglass insulation gets wet, it loses its insulation ability and begins to transfer its moisture into the wood which then causes mold growth.
  • Wood with moisture content above 20% will support mold and is more susceptible to wood boring insects.
  • Mold, moisture, insects, and radon are not things you want under your home. Hot air rises and sucks mold and radon pollution into your living areas through the unsealed electrical, plumbing and air duct penetrations in your subfloor.

Procedure for Crawl Space Remediation


For the most complete Crawl Space: No moisture or mold, insect, and radon control

  1. Containment: We prevent fiberglass and mold from getting into your living area during crawl space work
  2. Insulation removal (when necessary); most crawl space fiberglass insulation is bound carcinogenic formaldehyde and contaminated with mold, insect and rodent feces.
  3. Penetrations in the subfloor are sealed
  4. Colonized mold removed from affected area by brushing or wet wiping
  5. Flooring is treated with CleanSeal non-toxic coating; lifetime warranty
  6. Foundation wall penetrations are sealed with Fire Resistant Expanding Insulation Foam
  7. Insulation is installed on the walls or subfloor (depending on the design)
  8. Moisture barrier is installed (different types of barriers are available)
  9. Ventilation or dehumidification system installed

Hybrid Crawl Spaces: Options

Choose the Right Design for You:

  • Flood vents
  • Dehumidifier
  • Mold Removal
  • Sub Floor Repair
  • New Construction
  • Insulation board on the walls
  • Plastic liners: 6,12,16, or 20 mil
  • Open Foundation Vent Design Repair
  • Non-Formaldehyde Fiberglass Insulation in the subfloor
  • CleanSeal coating over all surfaces for economical treatment
  • Excavation for deeper crawl space, for more storage, or tornado shelter / hobbies area


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