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Cleaning and Disinfecting Services


Our IAQ cleaning/disinfecting services are custom designed to meet your specific needs for air and surfaces by removing allergens, dust, pollen, mold spores and virus.

Since 1992 IES Inc has been providing IAQ and healthy, home/car and commercial building services.

Our team can access, make recommendations, provide products and services for quickly, and effectively improving the health and safety of your indoor environments.


Our IAQ cleaning is designed to clean the air and surfaces at the same time of allergens, dust, pollen, and spores. We operate True HEPA air filters (air scrubbers), while cleaning surfaces from ceiling to floor and use laser particle counters to know when the room is clean to our standard.


We use CleanSeal CS4, which is a non-toxic anti-microbial, re-growth and odor inhibitor, that exceed CDC’s recommended standards for mitigating COVID-19. CS4 disinfectant can be applied to both hard and fabric surfaces without staining or discoloration either as a preventative measure or as a remedy to established contamination.

CS4 has been in use for more than 10 years in eliminating dangerous microbial infestations. Other options include UV-C irradiation, Ozone and ionization saturation techniques, which may be needed for electronic or recurring disinfecting.


Fogging with CS4 is used to quickly and effectively remove particles from the air and cover surfaces with a microscopic user friendly coating. A fine mist of CS4 disinfectant is fogged and as the fog “settles out” it takes particles with it. This precipitation process cleans the air, and neutralizes virus, mold and bacteria at the same time. 

After application there is no need to “wipe-down” a CS4 treated surface, the product acts on contact to neutralize, (72% alcohol) and when left on a surface the food grade extracts provide extended protection, therefore CS4 should be left intact on treated surface.


Through & Effective, Clean & Fresh

Thoroughly removing dust, pollen, mold spores and grime etc, from surfaces then applying a disinfection with regrowth inhibitors is a “best practice” process for cleaning and disinfecting an environment.

CS4 is a totally “green” product; non-toxic, non-flammable, non-reactive. Unlike less sophisticated disinfecting agents which require multiple applications and maintenance, CS4 has a surface protection and retention life of a minimum of 60 days following application.


IES provides testing verification for SARS CoV2, mold, bacteria, allergens and TVOCs, Legionella, and more. We inspect the HVAC systems and dedicated work and or living areas.


Lets talk about your project, required results, and best practices for achieving it. 

Consider that IES can teach your cleaning staff how to preform the enhanced cleaning/disinfecting services. This in-house personal approach may significantly increase the efficiency of your cleaning/disinfecting projects when the service is needed on a re-occurring base. However liability exposure may increase unless third party testing is preformed, which we offer.  




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