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Attic and Radiant Barrier Insulation

Attics…Cool, Clean & Energy Efficient!

We specialize in air sealed attics, attic insulation and attic radiant barriers. Much of the heat entering your home comes through the roof and attic.  During the summer month attics get supper heated, with temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit!  This dangerous heat is transferred into your walls and living space, causing your cooling system to run more.

We offer the following attic technologies:

  • Seal Air Leaks:  We follow Duke Energy Progress’s recommendations for Air Sealing; “make it tight, then insulate right”. There are a surprising amount of holes in the attic which need to be plugged.
  • Attic Insulation:  We blown in non-formaldehyde fiberglass insulationcellulose or polyester; each have unique benefits.  The type used depends on your needs and the application.
  • Attic Radiant Barrier:  We cover the attic floor and the fiber insulation with a highly reflective material which reflects heat rather than absorbing it.

Heat flows from warm areas to cool areas.  This means, when you turn on the air conditioner and begin to cool your home, it’s working twice as hard to cool the air coming in through air leaks in your attic floor created by air ducts, plumbing, and electrical lines.

Radiant Barriers

Insulation Which Reflects Heat – Creating Cool, Clean Attics

Radiant barriers installed over fiberglass insulation or installed on roof decks will make attics cooler, cleaner, and more energy efficient.

  • Hot attics, over 120 degrees Fahrenheit, are costly to cool and hard to keep clean.
  • Radiant barrier attics help to keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Pollen, mold spores, insects, rodent, and bat droppings can contaminate fiberglass insulation. Covering the fiberglass with radiant barrier helps to keep it clean and cool.
  • Hot contaminated air from the attic then enters the living area through the electrical, plumbing, air duct holes, pull down ladders, access panels, and walk in doors.
  • Radiant barriers were developed by NASA and perform as reflective insulation. Utilizing lightweight aluminum, radiant barriers reflex 97% of the sun’s energy.
  • Radiant barrier floor insulation, laid over the fiberglass insulation, dramatically enhances R-value of any building material and also keeps it clean.
  • Attic ladder radiant barrier covers are easy to use, and our “Flip Cover” air seals while reflecting heat.
  • Recessed lamps produce big air leaks.  Our custom radiant barrier lamp covers are extremely effective because they provide an air space around the hot light, while providing an air tight seal.

Attic Service Options

Attic Air Sealing is the first thing to do.  Those recessed can lights and attic ladders leak air and energy.  We follow Duke Energy Progress protocol.  Your indoor air quality, comfort, and safety improve with this simple yet very valuable service.

Attic fiberglass insulation needs to be evenly applied with no gaps or voids.  Your attic rafters and air ducts should be covered with fiberglass insulation whenever possible. We recommend 18” to achieve an R49 value and to cover the air ducts.  Covering fiber insulation with a radiant barrier dramatically increases its efficiency.

Radiant Barrier Attics are a common solution for hot attics.  After fixing air leaks and adding insulation, it is highly recommended to cover the insulation with radiant barrier in order to reflect the heat, which decrease the cooling load and keeps the fiberglass insulation clean.

Radiant Barrier Roof Deck installed on the underside of the roof can reduce attic temperatures up to 20 to 30°.

Radiant barrier storage units are a great idea for closets, storage areas and nooks located outside of the thermal barrier.  This will help lower the heat transfer and increase your energy efficiency. Radiant Barrier Storage Area is a fantastic use of space – even unconditioned; they’re comfortable, clean, and dry.

Attic Ladder Radiant Barrier “Flip Cover” controls air and heat transfer from attic to living space.  It’s lightweight & durable with easy access.  Simply detach side latch and “flip” cover up to any side or completely detach. Made of light weight aluminum foil/foam/foil which is Velcro taped into position.  “Flip Cover” provides air barrier and insulation using convection, conduction and radiation.


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