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Air Duct Cleaning

Improve indoor air quality by removing mold and debris, and sealing air leaks.

  • Patented air duct cleaning method for both commercial and residential air duct cleaning.
  • Air Duct Mold remediation with non-toxic products.
  • Replacing air ducts that are mold contaminated or replaced to meet code.
  • Mold pollutants in your home and air ducts can cause health problems.
  • Common pollutants in the air ducts include: construction debris, drywall dust, pollen, skin flakes, fiberglass, and insects.  Every time the central air system comes on to heat or cool, some of these pollutants are “puffed” into the air you breathe!
  • Solutions for indoor air: The air ducts should be very clean, with no mold growth, air tight, and use high efficiency carbon air filters that remove allergens and chemicals.
  • The EPA states:  “Health effects may show up either years after exposure has occurred or only after long or repeated periods of exposure.  These effects, which include some respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer, can be severely debilitating or fatal. It is prudent to try to improve the indoor air quality in your home even if symptoms are not noticeable.”
  • *When needed a licensed HVAC contactor may be used*

Mold in your Air Ducts

Indoor air quality and mold contaminated duct liner don’t go together. Mold is common in air ducts that leak. This situation can be hazardous to your health.  Contaminants build up inside the air ducts over time and make your duct system an ideal breeding ground for mold; just add moisture and toxic mold can grow. These resulting contaminants are then circulated throughout your home and affect the health and comfort of your family.

  • Typically air ducts are internally lined with insulation called duct liner.  A dirty duct liner with debris on it is an excellent surface for growing mold when even slightly moist.
  • Homes older than 2 years may have extensive air leaks and use duct liner.
  • Air leaks in the crawlspace or attic draw in polluted air with mold, pollen, fiberglass, insects, smog, ozone, and radon.
  • Toxic mold, allergenic mold, pathogenic mold will all  grow in the air ducts so fixing the cause of the moisture that allows it to grow and removing the mold is critical to having good indoor air quality.

Indoor Environmental Systems (IES) cleans both residential and commercial air ducts. IES has the equipment and technical knowledge to clean your air ducts to the National Air Duct Cleaning Associations and Environmental Protection Agency standards. IES takes before and after pictures.  Air samples and 24hr monitoring is also available to verify air duct cleaning effectiveness and provide through IAQ assessments.


Benefits for Air Duct Cleaning

  • Better Efficiency – Average residence saves $5 to $25 per month.
  • Increased Comfort – Houses smells better, heats and cools quicker.
  • Indoor Air Quality –Reduces dust, pollen, mold, radon, smog, chemicals, and pesticides levels with EcoSmart Carbon Filters.
  • Better Health – Those with allergies, asthmas, heart disease, and cancers benefit from good air quality.
  • Fresh Air Ventilation – Our patent pending Fresh Air Ventilation System is critical in a modern tight home.
  • Carbon sequestering – Our EcoSmartStuff Carbon Furnace Filters remove greenhouse gases, chemicals and allergens.

Solutions for Air Duct Cleaning

We use the Patented Roto-Brush or the Commercial Push and Pull System to clean your air ducts. Next we  repair the ductliner with our  resurfacing technique, which makes them better then new (no more frayed fibers-of-glass).

  • Roto-Brush: is the only patented air duct cleaning system for flex duct; it brushes and vacuums at the same time
    • The Roto-Brush has a 30’ long vacuum hose with brush attached at the end
  • Push and Pull Method (PAP):  requires the air duct system be placed under negative pressure, through the use of specialized, high-powered vacuums.
    • PAP:  While the vacuum draws air through the system, mechanical agitation devices are inserted into the ducts to dislodge the debris that is adhered to interior surfaces.
    • PAP:  The debris travels down the ducts to the vacuum, which removes it from the air duct system.
  • Resurfacing: we use CleanSeal which is a clean, odorless, non-toxic coating that can be applied throughout the air ducts and will provide a two year warranty of no mold growth!
    • When resurfacing of damaged duct liner we use a EPA approved white anti-microbial duct liner repair coating. This coating has a 2 year limited warranty.


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