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Air Sealing

Make it tight, then ventilate right!

A “leaky” building allows conditioned air to leave the building which causes higher energy bills and allows contaminants and moisture to enter the building. Because warm air rises, air leaks out of the top half of the building and is then drawn in from the lower half. This driving force is called “stack effect”. Stack effect can suck air from you crawl space, and even through your slab, bringing radon, pesticides, and mold toxins into your home!

Attic ladder and recessed lamps air sealed:

  • The big holes in the attic are costing you money, seal then first!
  • EcoSmartStuff makes great attic ladder, and  lamp and covers, they air seal and reflect the heat at the same time.
  • Air seal the attic ladder, air ducts, recessed lamps, plumbing, electrical and internal wall top plates.
  • IES can determine the best strategy to reduce air leakage and improve indoor air quality. Using hi-tech expanding insulation foam we fill gaps, voids, and cracks throughout your home.

Air ducts sealed:

  • Sealing the air ducts makes your heating and air conditioning system more efficient, helps to keep the air ducts clean and your home more comfortable.
  • Heating and cooling tends to be the biggest cost for energy in homes so sealing the air duct can dramatically increase your efficiency.

Ventilation for the whole house:

  • Tight buildings need controlled ventilation, which is supplied by our patent pending Filtered Fresh Air Ventilation Systems.  The Ventilation system is attached to your heating and air conditioning system so you don’t feel and drafts.
  • Did you know that your clothes dryer may remove 150 cubic feet per Minutes of air from your home when its running!  In a typical home the dryer runs for 45 minutes and may remove all the air in 6 rooms.
  • If your home is tight where is that replacement air coming from? Back down your bathroom exhaust, stove exhaust, chimney?
  • You will need to have a ventilation system installed to meet your “replacement” air needs.


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