Closed Crawl Spaces, Air Duct Cleaning, Attic Insulation


Closed Crawl Spaces, Air Duct Cleaning, Attic Insulation, Mold Remediation, Air Filtration

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Closed Crawl Spaces, Air Duct Cleaning, Attic Insulation, Mold Remediation, Air Filtration

Life Time Warranties; No Toxic Mold, No Condensation

Most homes have indoor air quality and energy loss issues. We specialize in the assessments and remediation of these issues.

We provide building inspections and easy to understand pictorial reports. Your findings will be prioritized by air quality hazards and energy loss issues within the crawl space, air ducts, and attic.

We are a Pre-qualified Duke Energy Progress Contractor.  We are also NC State Certified in weatherization, radon mitigation and mold remediation.

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Our Services:


Building Assessments: air quality, mold, water, solarBuilding Assessments: air quality, mold, water, solar

We can assess your Indoor Air Quality, Mold, and Energy Loss issues.  Each assessment is specifically designed for your particular needs. We typically assess the crawl space, air ducts, living area and attics for air leaks, mold growth, insulation levels, ventilation and filtration, poor indoor air quality, moisture intrusion and condensation, energy loss from air ducts, attics and plumbing. We then provide you with pictorial reports and a detailed, itemized quote that is comprehensive and easy to understand.



Closed Crawl SpaceClosed Crawl Space

There are two building codes for crawl spaces:  the open vent design and closed crawl space design.  We can make both designs more energy efficient, and free of mold. We have lifetime warranties for no-mold and a performance guarantee of no-condensation.  We are also certified for radon mitigation.



Attic Air Sealing and InsulationAttic Air Sealing and Insulation

We specialize in clean, cool, energy efficient attics.  We achieve this by:

  • Air sealing all floor, plumbing, electrical and HVAC penetrations.
  • Adding additional insulation; fiberglass, polyester, cellulose, or expanding foam.
  • Cover with a perforated radiant barrier to reflect the attic’s heat.
  • When applicable, install our patent pending Attic Ladder “Flip Cover”.



Air Ducts Cleaned, Sealed, Repaired and UpgradedAir Ducts Cleaned, Sealed, Repaired and Upgraded

Residential and Commercial

Your air ducts should be clean, no mold growth or leaks and be properly insulated.   Air duct cleaning improves indoor air quality and can help you save 10% - 30% on heating and cooling bills!  We use low odor caulks and non-formaldehyde insulation.



Irrigation, Grading and DrainageIrrigation, Grading and Drainage

It’s important to drain rain water away from your home; it’s better for your foundation walls and crawl space.  Dirt should be sloped away from your home and your rain water diversion system (gutters and down spouts) should capture water for reuse or divert it away from your home.



Living WallsLiving Walls

Looking for ways to improve the air quality within your home?  Try our easy and fun living green walls to liven up your living spaces!  Each plant is individually wrapped for easy moving ability.  Design and redesign your wall, time and time again.  These incredible live plant walls will purify your air, absorb noise, and add much needed winter humidity and color to make your indoor space more enjoyable!


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