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Closed Crawl Spaces, Air Duct Cleaning, Attic Insulation, Mold Remediation, Air Filtration

Industry Leader servicing North Carolina for over 20 years.

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About Us

Local company providing conservation, energy efficiency and healthy living.

  • We’ve been in business for 20 years
  • Incorporated, Licensed, Insured, and Certified
  • Received Angie's List Honor Roll and Super Service Awards
  • We are a Pre-Qualified Contractor for Duke Energy Progress and Advanced Energy
  • Life Time Warranties for controlling moisture, mold, radon, & insects
  • Experts in building science - better advise you on what services are your best values
  • Whole house approach to energy efficiency, air quality, energy generation and self sufficiency
  • First to offer radiant barrier crawl spaces with moisture, mold, insect, and energy guarantees
  • Exclusive dealers for “CleanSeal” - nontoxic mold remediation coating with lifetime warranty
  • Inspect crawl space, air ducts, attic, dryer exhaust, exterior siding, rain water management, and solar potential
  • Part of the solution to pollution, climate warming, energy crises, oil dependency, and the production of home grown organic foods
  • Two Patent Pending Products for energy efficiency and indoor air quality: Filtered Fresh Air Ventilation System (FFAVS) and the Attic Ladder “Flip” Cover


Our Company


Indoor Environmental Systems, Inc. (IES) is a local family owned company. We are located in Cary, North Carolina and have been in business since 1992. Our building science services and products enhance your health, comfort, energy savings, and self-sufficiency.

We see great value in making homes “greener”: a “green home” is about “saving a buck, saving a tree, and saving humanity” by conserving energy, improving air quality, comfort, durability, and value in your home.

It’s a smart investment to make your home tight, ventilated, & insulated right!


A Word From The Owner


In these challenging times it’s exciting to be part of a renewed way of living. Going “green” is good!

It’s not new for me, I was hugging trees as a kid; making tree houses, ponds, and rising whatever I could catch or my parents would allow me to keep. I started in carpentry then I became a welder and worked the nuclear, coal, oil-off-shore, and military industries. My studies and past companies have been in environmental ergonomic. I am now working on my Masters of Science in Green Building.

My wife and I have a small business; we have a smart, friendly, and efficient crew, inspectors, and office support staff. We don’t do high pressure sales; we educate our clients on the basic of building science and the available options and latest technologies for improving your homes health and efficiency. I have two patent pending products and exclusive distribution rights for air purification and mold remediation technologies. We have an “A” rating on Angie’s List.

Making homes healthier by getting rid of mold and allergens is a good thing. Retrofitting buildings to make them air tighter, better ventilated, and insulated is a necessary task. Managing rain & grey water and getting solar connected is rewarding because it’s part of a multifaceted approach to improving our economy though the conservation of oil for energy, fresh water and food resources, it creates jobs and is a big part of creating a more responsible and sustainable future for our children.

There’s nothing like being sick to make you appreciate being well. And my journey for health has me now enjoying the deep detoxifying sweats from our infrared saunas and devouring home grown organic food. Our Aquaponics green house is an amazing growing machine for vegetables and tilapia fish. So as we slowly turn our lawnscape into edible landscape I find that I don’t miss traveling to the store.

I hope you will join us in the rewarding efforts to make life healthier and more sustainable!

Take Care,

Steve McLeod, Owner IES


About Our Staff


Lori Medlin

Lori Medlin is the Vice President of Indoor Environmental Systems.   Lori Medlin joined IES in 2009. She is a Certified BPI – Building Analyst Professional, she works directly with the owner of IES and has completed numerous energy audits.  She is involved in every aspect of business.  Before joining the IES team, Lori was a District Sales Manager for several big box retailers.  Lori is constantly looking for new products and systems, anything that can help us save energy, time and money.  Lori is an avid runner and loves to grow her own organic food!


Robert Cleere

Robert Cleere is our Lead Inspector. He is a certified BPI - Building Analyst Professional and a RESNET - HERS Energy Rater. He is also a certified mold inspector and certified in mold remediation. At IES, his main responsibilities are to meet with homeowners, assess various issues with their homes relating to indoor air quality, moisture management, occupant comfort and energy efficiency and to educate them on ways to improve the performance of their homes. He also works with Miguel and the crew on the installation and upkeep of the variety of services IES offers.

Before joining the IES team, Robby worked with new home builders as a consultant throughout the home building process on hundreds of homes, overseeing all of the components necessary to create homes that maximize energy efficiency, meet the requirements of the ENERGY STAR for new homes program and comply with all local building code requirements.

In his free time, Robby enjoys playing the guitar, watching live music, trail running and going to the beach.


Stephanie Howe

Stephanie Howe is our Project Manager.  She is a Certified BPI - Building Analyst Professional, LEED Green Associate and Holistic Lifestyle Coach who specializes in improved indoor air quality, reducing carbon footprint and coaching individuals toward a more natural lifestyle.  Here at IES, Stephanie manages client accounts, customizes projects based on specific client needs, and provides product / service expertise.   Before coming to IES, she worked as a Service Operations Analyst at Hill-Rom.

Stephanie brings an earth friendly passion and skill to her work.   Outside the office, she works to minimize personal waste, reduce her carbon footprint, explore natural alternatives for home care, support local companies, and enjoy high quality food!


Miguel Noyola

Miguel Noyola has been project supervisor for 7 years.  He is IES certified in mold remediation, air duct cleaning, attic air sealing, weatherization, radiant barriers, and drainage and irrigation systems. Mr. Miguel can do it all, He greets clients with a smile and leaves them delighted in his professional work.


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